"The ability to implement a strategy is central to running
an organisation right now. Rather than chasing another
new management fad or expecting a new 'magic bullet'
to come along, organisations should focus on developing
the right tools to execute their strategy"

MPL Founder — Dr.Peter Bowen

9 out of 10 strategies fail to deliver all their objectives...

At MPL we know this is a real problem for businesses. Excellent Strategy

implementation has been a preoccupation of MPL's founder Dr. Peter Bowen

a former lecturer at Henley Business School.

Out of the estimated $10 billion spent annually in the US on
strategic analysis and strategy, research analysts believe a
possible $9 billion of this is being wasted due to unsuccessful
strategy implementation.

The really important lesson being learnt in this area is that
implementing strategy is harder than creating the right strategy
based on studies of previous strategy implementations.

Why have values and strategy if your people don't
buy in and convert it into customer value?

How many times have you seen a great strategy fail because it has failed to
permeate through to your people and to your customers? Even today, in our
wired, connected world, disconnects between people and strategy continue.

Why strategies fail to be successfully implemented...
Only 5% of the workforce understand the strategy
and only 25% have incentives linked to strategy
85% of executive teams spend less than one hour
a month discussing strategy
Only 30% of executives have their goals aligned with the strategy
Only 60% of organisations align their processes
with the strategy
In a study of 200 of the Times 1000, 80% of Directors said they had the right strategies but only 14% thought they were implementing them well
The StrategyDriver System connects your strategy to your
people, and through this, the tasks of your people to the
needs of your customers so that your business effectively
and efficiently delivers what is needed, in the right place,
at the right time.

In short it helps you implement your strategy so that it:


common purpose and understanding of your strategy at all levels, building profitable and customer-focused behaviours throughout your organisation.


strategy aligned working methods which
improve the effectiveness and efficiency
of a business to convert opportunities in
all areas; developing better customer
propositions, implementing the right
changes effectively and efficiently,
and reducing waste.


customer focus and action, ongoing
differentiation, staff and customer
esteem and loyalty, efficient working
methodology, speed to market,
added value and profitability.

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